MY Q releases MV for “Kill Your Darlings”

On December 5th, the singer-song writer, MY Q released the official music video for the ballad trap song, “Kill Your Darling.”

In the video, MY Q starts with a sincere voice message for his former girlfriend as he says, “Hey it’s me…umm, I’m not sure if you still check your voice mail, but umm…I just wanted to tell you that everything is going to be alright. I hope you’re doing well…um, okay umm, I’m going to go now. Goodbye.

The couple is first showcased apart as MY Q is in a cafe while the lead female is cast by a dark shadow while in a hallway. The “Kill Your Darling” music video continues as the couple is seen back together and looks to be enjoying their last moments together. The music video ended with a precious ending as the couple was seen happily together.

Meanwhile, MY Q’s album was released on March 12th with both the album and the title track named, Kill Your Darling.