Queen B’Z releases MV for comeback “Bbi Bbi”

Queen B’Z is back with a bright colorful theme, a fresh concept, and a new album, and they have just released the music video for their title track “Bbi Bbi.”

On November 18th, Danal Entertainment released the official music video for “Bbi Bbi,” off of the album Hope Shop by the rookie group Queen B’Z. Their first comeback after debut features a more happy and upbeat theme in contrast with the dark themes of their debut track “Bad,” which was released on August 15th.

Their shift in color draws inspiration from Pipi Longstockings, a children’s storybook character who is known for her red hair, freckles, braided pigtails and tomboyish personality. To reflect their inspiration, the girls sport different versions of pigtails and bright outfits to match the upbeat track! They also embody some tomboy like mannerisms in the music video which is a shift from the previous dark and sexy concept illustrating their versatility as a group.

Check out the music video below! What do you think of Queen B’Z’s new concept?