Ra Mi Ran gets an impressive makeover with Jessi’s help

Ra Mi Ran gets an impressive makeover through the help of rapper and entertainer, Jessi. 

Currently appearing on the same program, Unnie’s Slam Dunk, Ra Mi Ran got positive reactions after she was transformed by fellow cast member, Jessi. The challenge was to allow Jessi to do her make up on the program which eventually gave the entertainer a remarkable transformation.

Compared to her everyday look onscreen, the entertainer was transformed with bolder eye make-up and lips, which was then complimented by a minimal glow on her cheeks.

Netizens who have seen her transformation were immediately in love with her new look, leaving some to comment how the “gyopo” look does well on her.

Image: “Unnie Slam Dunk” / Daum Cafe

Source: Daum Cafe