[★VIDEO] Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah displays her charms BTS in “bnt” photo shoot

Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah showed off her charm and elegance in a behind-the-scenes video from her recent bnt photo shoot. The video was released on YouTube by bnt International  on October 29th.The photo shoot featured Rainbow member Oh Seung Ah in a variety of crop tops, including a white knit top, a fuzzy grey top, and an elegant red crop top and skirt set. The outfits highlighted the singer’s fit figure, especially her toned abdominal region.

Despite the tone of the photo shoot being sexy and serious, the Rainbow member showed off her playful side by blowing several kisses to her fans through the camera, making cute poses and spinning around at the end of the video.

Oh Seung Ah recently celebrated her birthday with her fellow Rainbow members, and although the group has not released any new music in 2014, they proved that they are still very close with each other. Are you a fan of Rainbow and Oh Seung Ah? Check out the video below!