Rainbow’s Seungah transforms into a party goddess for “Beauty Talk”

Rainbow’s Oh Seungah has transformed into an ultimate party goddess for fashion and beauty KAKAO’s mobile magazine Beauty Talk.

Recently, Seungah took a beauty photoshoot executing the party make-up concept. Differing from her image as an idol, on the filming set, the idol star posed elegantly on a sofa while wearing a fancy party dress embedded with jewels.

Seungah mentioned, “I starved for half the day for the photoshoot. I slept for two hours and managed to go to school today after the schedule ended early morning. Because I started college later, I am happy to go to school even if I don’t get to sleep much.”

According to photographer Jan Won Seok, “Oh Seung Ah has the ability to naturally become the focus of the camera lens. We were able to finish the photoshoot quickly without NG cuts because she acts through the eyes.”

Don’t miss the various party make-up looks flawlessly modelled by Seungah revealed on the mobile magazine Beauty Talk. In the meantime, Seungah garnered attention recently for her sexy photo-shoot for bnt as well.

Beauty Talk photo-shoot
Beauty Talk photo-shoot

Source: Sports KH