Rap Monster drops monochromatic MV, “Do You”

BTS Rap Monster‘s music video for track “Do You” from his upcoming mixtape finally made its release on March 20th.

Fans have been highly anticipating Rap Monster’s solo mixtape release, which was unfortunately postponed from March 17th to March 20th.

The music video begins with several metronomes swaying back and forth to create and interesting beat and vibe of the track. Throughout the monochromatic music video, Rap Monster directly gazes at the camera engaging his viewers as he raps his message.

Though the lyrics contains explicit language, the message Rap Monster wants to share with his listeners are clear: “Do You.” Rap Monster wants his listeners to not feel pressured by judgments made by “haters” and wants everyone to be comfortable expressing their own style.

Within hours of the “Do You” music video release, fans have been sharing positive feedback as they were captivated by the catchy rhythm and flow of the lyrics.

Rap Monster has been keeping his fans on their toes with the release of “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” and “Awakening” earlier this month. “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” is a collaboration track with American hip-hop producer Warren G that was also featured on ISAtv.