Rap Monster unleashes his inner rapper in “Awakening” MV

Ahead of the release of his personal mixtape, BTS member Rap Monster unleashes his inner-rapper as he drops his “Awakening” track, revealing a whole new side to himself to fans. 

To fans who have not followed the artist since his underground rapper days, “Awakening” may unveil a whole new and fiercer side of Rap Monster not previously seen on stage as part of BTS. Shedding his idol image, Rap Monster shares a more artistic and passionate self-written lyrics that reveal he is a true rapper through and through despite having the title of an idol.

Wrapping himself up in gauze, the music video reveals his head burn — which is, of course, represented by a fake dummy head in gauze as well — but is revealed to be okay as he unwraps himself. This symbolizes that through all his hardships, past and future, he will still come out fine: “I know one day at a time, the sun is going to shine.”

Rap Monster’s mixtape will be released on March 17th.