Rap Monster and Warren G discuss their collaboration track on ISAtv

ISAtv had a chance to sit down and talk with Bangtan BoysRap Monster and Warren G about their recent collaboration track.

Morgan Lynzi of ISAtv’s East Meets Morgan asked a series of questions regarding “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D)” as well as more personal questions about music.

To begin the interview, Warren G shares that he first met BTS during the filming of Mnet‘s American Hustle Life, as he was one of the featured artists. As for “Please Don’t Die (P.D.D),” Warren G’s manager had contacted him and asked if he had a track for Rap Monster. Warren G shared that he was excited to see how Rap Monster would rap to a Warren G track.

Rap Monster wanted to create a chill vibe and said, “wrote just the way I felt about it.” He also goes on to say that the lyrics were based on whatever words came to him and just went with the flow.

Besides asking about the collaboration track, Morgan asks, “What was the first memory of falling in love with music?” Warren G shares that Jimmy Spicer‘s “Super Rhyme” greatly influenced him and it still influences him today. Rap Monster responded by saying that the first time he fell in love with music was in 2007 when Epik High‘s “Fly” topped the charts in Korea.

Rap Monster and Warren G also share their opinions of the hip-hop culture and their current favorite tracks. Watch the full interview here: