“RAPBEAT SHOW” ft. Simon Dominic, Gray, Paloalto, Basick, and more coming to AX Korea!

Some of Korea’s top rappers are coming together for this year’s Rapbeat Show and will be firing up the venue at AX Korea this October!

Set to take place on October 24th starting at 6pm at AX Korea, fans can now get their tickets to this exciting hip-hop concert via Interpark.

Rappers from four different agencies will be hitting the stage including AOMG‘s Simon Dominic, Gray, ELO, UglyDuck, & DJ Pumkin, Hi-Lite RecordsPaloalto, B-Free, & Huckleberry P, The Cohort’s Reddy, Okasian, Jay AllDay, Play Star,  & DJ Djanga, and Vis Major Company‘s Deep Flow, Wutan, Don Mills, Nucksal, Odee,TKShow Me The Money 4‘s winner Basick, Microdot, Innovator, Incredivle, Sik-K, and BeWhy are also featured.

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RAPBEAT SHOW is a show hosted by one of Korea’s biggest hip-hop content page called RAPBEAT SHOW.

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