Rapper Crown J drops track “Made It” with Korea’s first 2D/360 VR Music Video

Rapper Crown J has recently released his track “Made It” along with a dope 360 VR music video.

If you are familiar with 360 VR, you might have heard of dancer group Bambino‘s 360 VR videos on Youtube that have over 7 million views. Although 360 VR videos are becoming popular and widely known, there weren’t any K-pop music videos made in the fashion of 2D and 360 VR combination until now! This is officially the world’s first 2D and 360 VR combination video.

crown j

Rapper Crown J has released his track “Made It” along with a 360 VR music video where fans and viewers can move their mouse or cellphone in all direction for a new type of music video experience.

Inside Crown J’s music video, fans have the opportunity to look around to create their own unique type of experience.

Check out Crown J’s track “Made It” and the music video below!

Source: Youtube