R&B artist Alshain releases MV for “Reception” from debut mini-album

On January 5th, R&B artist Alshain revealed the music video for his track, “Reception.”

In the beginning of the video, a woman in a black pant suit and shoes to match is seen holding onto a pillar as she begins to dance. Leaving the pillar, she continues to dance as the camera pans, revealing an elegant living room. Meanwhile, Alshain’s vocals accompany the mysterious woman’s movements.

As the beat drops, the room becomes illuminated with flashing lights and the dancer’s movements become more exaggerated. The camera continues to pan over to Alshain sitting down alone in a dark room singing. He is seen wearing a long dark trench coat over a simple outfit as his figure fades away. The mysterious female returns, and the camera follows her as she walks down the steps of a drained indoor pool where Alshain is lying.

Alshain released the music video for “Start in You” in November of last year. Both “Start In You” and “Reception” are from his debut mini-album Natural Hi-Fi which was released on May 7, 2014.

Check out Alshain’s music video for “Reception” below!

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official YouTube Channel and Bugs