Real identity of ‘King of Song Tungki’ on “King of Masked Singer” revealed

The 8th crowned ‘Mask King’ has been eliminated from the show and his identity unveiled on the most recent episode of MBC‘s King of Masked Singer.

Aired on August 2nd, the contestant going under the alias of ‘King of Song Tungki’ was eliminated by the masked singer ‘Don’t Reveal Your Spiciness, Miss Pepper’ thus his identity was revealed to the audience…Lee Jung!

‘King of Song Tungki’ is credited for gaining enough points in his past three rounds to effectively dethrone ‘CBR Cleopatra,’ otherwise known as Kim Yeon Woo, who managed to stay the ‘Mask King’ for an amazing 10 weeks and a total of four wins.

Lee Jung is a singer that made his debut in 2002 as part of the group 7 Dayz before making his solo debut afterwards, going on to gain popularity by participating in KBS‘s Heroine 6.