[★TRENDING] Red Velvet causes laughter with Seulgi’s “ostrich dance”

With Red Velvet overtaking entertainment programs through their “Dumb Dumb” promotions, it seems like the members have started a new dance trend as well! 

On September 24th, a post on Instiz captured the moment Red Velvet adorably tried to recreate Seulgi’s “ostrich dance,” which recently became a trend between the members and their fans.

The image was taken from their recent radio show appearance with Kim Chang Ryul where the members were spotted doing the “ostrich dance” around the studio along with the host.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t only Kim Chang Ryul who has been fascinated by the move. During the recent episode of Weekly Idol, Jung Hyung Don mentioned the quirky trend on the program, which led to Seulgi to demonstrate it and created more laughter on set.


Source: Instiz