Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” MV will have you on a serious case of sugar high

Red Velvet has unleashed their anticipated “Ice Cream Cake” music video, and will completely leave you on a sugar high and a bad addiction. 

After slightly creeping us out in their teaser for the title track, the five-member girl group redeems with an attractive, electronic pop track that will have you return for another listen again and again. The track uses the sound of a musical box to give the track an eerie feel as they sing in harmony “lalalalala, lala, lala…”, yet the remaining poppy beat will keep you listening.

The music video follows Red Velvet as they immerse themselves in the exotic scenery of Los Angeles’ desert scene on Route 66, and will leave you with a desire for ice cream by the end of its run.

“Ice Cream Cake” is the second of their double title track theme Red Velvet will be following with their first studio album release for March 18th. Their first title track “Automatic” was previously released, earning love from fans at the new and improved group.