Red Velvet’s Joy And IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi Wore The Same Dress And They Both Slayed

They both pulled it off!

Red Velvet‘s Joy and IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi were spotted on two seperate occasions wearing the same red dress, and people can’t believe how gorgeous they both looked.

Joy was spotted wearing the dress on the way to a music program. She matched the dress with a small red purse and black and gold heels. Joy looked mature and classy despite how casual the dress is. The bright dress was matched well with her bright red lipstick. The girl knows how to pull off any outfit!

Kwon Eunbi was spotted wearing the dress at the airport. For Eunbi, she matched the dress with a small white purse with a gold chain, providing some variety in the colors she was wearing. Eunbi’s make-up was more natural, with a natural red lip. Eunbi stayed true to IZ*ONE’s concept and looked elegant as ever.

Fans are saying that the dress itself isn’t unique, but since both girls are so gorgeous, the dress becomes pretty too. Both are very pretty and admirable and rocked the dress with their charms.

Source: TheQoo