Red Velvet’s Seulgi unable to control her tears as she bids farewell on “Let’s Go To School”

Red Velvet member Seulgi couldn’t help but shed tears as she read off a goodbye speech to her classmates in the latest episode of Let’s Go To School.

Aired on May 5th, Seulgi read off a letter of farewell to her classmates that she has gotten to know over the time during her appearance on the show, gaining not only tears herself but from the students as well.

Following the end of her letter, Girl’s Day Yura, Seulgi and the students came together to hug each other farewell. Seulgi’s tears poured out even more as she said her goodbyes, and though Yura tried to console her and told her not to cry, Seulgi ended up crying even more.

During the side interview with eyes still red and puffy from crying despite taking 30 minutes to calm herself, she said, “It felt like I was leaving my friends, or going to study abroad again. This time frame was a hard time for my friends, and I wanted to say something useful, but it’s sad that I couldn’t. But I know that this time frame is hard for them. And I wanted to say something useful. And I regret that I couldn’t say anything to them. You guys can do it so don’t worry, and I hope you guys live while doing things you want to do. Then you will one day laugh.”

Let’s Go To School airs every Tuesday at 11pm KST on JTBC.

Source: JTBC and Newsen