Red Velvet’s Wendy ends up in tears after blowing the audience away with her vocals on “100 People, 100 Songs”

Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi recently made a group appearance on JTBC‘s 100 People, 100 Songs (henceforth 100 Songs) where Wendy ended up bursting into tears.

Broadcasted on June 9th, the episode featured not only the two Red Velvet members but Baek Sung Hyun, Seo Moon Tak, Lee Jung, Kim Bo Kyung, Young Jee, Kim Won Hyo, and Shim Jin Hwa as well.

On the broadcast, Wendy and Seulgi showed off various of their skills including impressions of Lee Guk Joo and more.

Finally, the duo took their official challenge on the show with Wendy starting off with the track “Distant Memories of You” originally by Park Mi Kyung. Unfortunately, Wendy messed up on the lyrics and caused the duo’s official elimination from the show.

Because Wendy went up first and was not able to pass, Seulgi was not able to take her turn. This resulted in Wendy crying, apologizing to Seulgi for messing up her chance.

However, showing off their strong friendship with one another, Seulgi told her group mate it was okay and together held hands as Wendy completed singing the song before bowing out.

Source: Sports Seoul