Red Velvet’s Yeri recent mature looks make her even more beautiful

Red Velvet’s Yeri‘s new styling has made her look even more stunning if that’s even possible.

Now that Yeri is growing up her styling is also maturing. Recently fans have noticed how her visuals are amplified by her more adult style.

As Red Velvet begins to explore different concepts in their music, Yeri’s style is maturing. This new style really has brought out her top level visuals.


Typically Yeri, as the youngest and one of the smallest members of Red Velvet, has been dressed in more conservative outfits. Her stage style reflected her young age.

Though she has always been very pretty her charms were usually expressed in a youthful manner.


Yeri’s more refined fashion sense is beginning to show great promise. It seems that her new chic style suits her and we will hopefully be able to see more of her well-styled looks in the future.