[★VIDEO] “Return of Superman” twins groove to EXO’s performance

On the June 28th episode of Return of Superman, Lee Hwi Jae’s twins Seo Eun and Seo Jun reacted to EXO’s performance on TV!

While enjoying some bonding time with their dad, Seo Eun and Seo Jun became curious when EXO’s comeback performance from the April 5th episode of SBS Inkigayo started playing on TV. Lee Hwi Jae immediately told the twins that Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who previously hung out with the twins in an episode which aired back in May, were on TV.

With Seo Eun and Seo Jun both taking interest in EXO’s performance of “EXODUS,” Lee Hwi Jae started guiding them to follow the group’s dance moves, leading to some of the most adorable moments you can ever imagine! Watch this at 5:50 below!


Source: OSEN