“Return of Superman” welcomes Lee Dong Gook and his five kids

A new family has emerged on Return of Superman with Lee Dong Gook taking care of his five children.

Lee Dong Gook, a former South Korean national soccer player, has joined Return of Superman with his first episodes aired on July 26th where he introduced his four daughters and son.


He first introduced his oldest twin daughters Lee Jae Sie and younger twin sister Lee Jae Ah who are both 9 years old. Then he introduced his 24 months old second twin daughters Lee Seol Ah and Lee Soo Ah. Lastly, Lee Dong Gook finished the inroductions with his 8 months old son Lee See Ahn.

With this introduction, Lee Dong Gook will spend two nights and three days alone with five of his children. It is highly anticipated how hectic it will be after the viewers have watched the triplets over the months. The producers stated that there are many funny and cute incidents within Lee Dong Gook’s family.

[ +6517 / -151] Wow more children coming on the show. First a daughter, wins, triplets and now five children at once

[ +6075 / -149] Lee Dong Gook is going to have a hard time hahahahahahaha

[ +4403 / -215] The son is so cute when he is laughing haha

Source: TV Report