REX.D releases scenic “Boys Be” MV

On November 28th, rapper REX.D has released the official music video for his latest track, “Boys Be,” which features a creative three-panel design.

The creatively filmed music video uses the three different panels to show fans different sides of the rapper as the delivers his speedy and rhythmic lines. All using a neutral, earthy filter, the split-screens let fans see REX.D as he visits various places such as an art studio, a scenic hiking trail, and a contrast of the morning and nighttime city horizons.

In the video, the rapper shows a variety of fashion styles, donning a bright blue sweater in some scenes and red and black brimmed hats in others. Despite his chic and modern outfits, “Boys Be” salutes old-school hip hop with its choice of percussive backbeats. “Boys Be” allows the artist to show off his rapping and vocal ability as the repeated line “Boys be ambitious” is sure to stick in listeners’ heads.

REX.D also contributed his rapping skills to a project collaboration track, “She” with Oh Soomin.

The release of this music video is in anticipation for the artist’s upcoming new album set to be released in two weeks.

Check it out below: