REX.D takes the winner of his fan event out on a lunch date

REX.D sits down for a lunch date in a restaurant with the winner from his Facebook fan event.

In a special event created for his fans, REX.D prepared for a dinner with the winner of his event as he waited for his fan to arrive at a small restaurant. As the fan and idol meet each other for the first time, their unfamiliarity quickly dissolved as the artist openly welcomed her and made small talk.

While deep into their conversation, REX.D and the fan’s food arrived, revealing mouth watering sandwiches with a side of salad. To the fan’s surprise, he brought it upon himself to cut up the sandwich and feed the fan with his own hands.

After their meal, the two stepped out of the restaurant and walked around the city, taking photos together and enjoying each other’s company. With the friendly atmosphere, REX.D helped his fan experience a meal that she would never forget.

On December 11th, REX.D came back with his music video “You’re Different,” which featured Sugarbowl’s Changin Ko.

Post by Rex.D.

Post by Rex.D.

Post by Rex.D.
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