REX.D unveils MV for “You’re Different” ft. Changin Ko

REX.D released a unique music video for his track “You’re Different” featuring Changin Ko of Sugarbowl on December 11th.

The music video showcases a style that is very creative and unique as it utilizes a vertical style of shooting. It also features an Instagram template which is comically relabeled Rextagram.

As the music video progresses, the template changes to show a mock Instagram profile with various captions and hashtags. It goes through his date with his girlfriend and mostly seems to focus on taking videos of her, although there are also shots of the rapper and adorable shots of the duo together. It’s a very unique way of showcasing a music video that is rarely used and makes the rapper stand out.

REX.D’s soft but powerful rapping along with Changin Ko’s sweet vocals compliment each other well for the track. They also transition very well from rapping to singing, fooling listeners into thinking that there is only one person performing.

This is not the first time REX.D has used a creative means of showcasing his music videos as he released his song “Boys Be” on November 28th with a creative three panel design.

Check out this song and unique video below!