REX.D uploads a cover of IU’s “Friday”

On January 27th, rapper REX.D presented his fans with an unexpected treat by uploading a video of himself covering IU‘s hit song “Friday.” 

Although REX.D’s style of music isn’t exactly similar to IU’s, the rapper was able to perform a very pleasant rendition of “Friday.” Much like the song itself, REX.D performed the cover in very simple fashion. The rapper sang along with an instrumental version of the track, and recorded the performance in his room.

REX.D is known for his rapping abilities and his creative music videos, but a stark change from what is usually expected from the rapper is definitely refreshing and entertaining. The rapper showed that he has talents above and beyond rapping, pulling off the song with his smooth and deep voice that conveyed emotions well.

Make sure to check out REX.D’s cover of IU’s “Friday” below!