Rhymer teases with Kisum from the recording studio

Through his personal Instagram account, hip hop artist Rhymer shared a picture taken with rapper Kisum on April 5th.

In the picture captioned, “In a recording with cute Kisum,” Rhymer and Kisum could be seen posing closely together with Kisum wearing snapback by BrandNew Music, which is the hip hop label founded by Rhymer. Although the photo did not reveal details on the recording, it seems that fans can get excited for a great collaboration between the two.

Kisum gathered attention through her performance in the Mnet female rapper survival show Unpretty Rapstar, where she showed her improvements after being criticized in the hip hop contest Show Me The Money 3. After publishing participation tracks with artists such as San E, Taewan, D.O, and singer Insooni through Unpretty Rapstar, further collaborations from the rising rapper can be anticipated.

Meanwhile, the last episode of Unpretty Rapstar was aired on March 26th as the participants bid farewell emotionally.

Check out their cute photo here:

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Source: 10Asia