Roh Jihoon joins Instagram

Solo singer, Roh Jihoon joins the social networking bandwagon as he opens his personal Instagram account.On November 16th, Roh Jihoon made his first post as a new member of Instagram, with the caption, “Beginning Instagram..It’s difficult,” while expressing an adorable smile and posing with a peace sign.

Six hours later, Jihoon shared his first video. He is seen wearing a cozy red jacket, while rocking glasses and a snap back. In addition, he took advantage of hashtags and wrote, “#taxi #isthishowyoudoit? #fun” as his caption. The video shows him greeting his followers with a peace sign and expressing his love for them by blowing a kiss.

Roh Jihoon debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2012, releasing his debut album, “The Next Big Thing,” as well as his music video for “Punishment.” Since his debut, he has also released his self-composed song “A Song For You” with its music video, on February 3rd.