ROMEO releases MV teaser for debut track “Lovesick”

Upcoming rookie group ROMEO released the music video teaser for their debut track “Lovesick” on May 2nd.

As the teaser begins, the seven members are surrounded in an all white setting as their charms are revealed while they stand clothed in white suits. The brief teaser continued as it revealed individual shots of the members and followed by ROMEO showcasing their choreography.

The dreamy setting allowed the member of ROMEO to shine through with their vocals and lovesick expressions. “Lovesick” is scheduled to be released on May 7th along with the group’s first EP titled, The ROMEO.

ROMEO consists of seven members and is under CT Entertainment, which is known to be an agency where previous employees from SM Entertainment are working. Although the rookie group is signed with CT Entertainment, they have also signed with Japanese agency, Pony Canyon.

Meanwhile, they have already released their album cover and will be releasing individual videos of the members showcasing their vocals.