ROO releases MV for “Bad Guys” OST, “Reason”

On December 8th, ROO released an official music video for the OST, “Reason,” for the OCN drama, Bad Guys.

The emotional song is showcased with violent scenes from Bad Guys, revealing the death of an officer and later shows the character Lee Jung Moon injured from an tragic car collision. The music video ends with a violent ending as it looks like the characters are trying to escape from a horrible attack.

Bad Guys tells the story of a group of former criminals and a detective teaming up and trying to fight crime. The cast consists of multiple talented actors and actress such as Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Seok, Park Haejin, Jo Dong Hyeok, Gang Yewon, Kang Shinii, Min Jia and Hwang Seung Eon.

The thriller crime drama premiered on October 4th and is schedule to end on December 13th with its 11th episode.