Rookie artist HeartB releases “Monologue” MV teaser for 2nd digital single

Rookie singer HeartB will be releasing his 2nd digital single “Missing You (Monologue),” as he prepares himself for a comeback for the new year.

Surprisingly to fans, Marblepop Entertainment uploaded a video teaser to the singer’s 2nd digital single, set to be released in January 2015. Titled “Missing You,” or directly translated as “Monologue,” the lyrics are based on the personal experiences of singer Kim Dong Wook. In addition, vocal singer Zia is expected to also participate in the collaboration.

The video teaser is dark and dramatic, various shots of a bus on fire, empty as it continues to burn, the snow falling in the background, as emergency vehicles are heard nearing their destination.

“Missing You” will be released on January 7th.

Source: BTN News