Rookie duo Pretty Brown releases MV teaser for debut song “Break Up With Break Up”

On March 27th, rookie duo Pretty Brown released the teaser for their upcoming debut song and music video “Beak Up With Break Up,” which features TROY‘s Kanto

As the soothing R&B beat plays in the background, the duo is first seen in what looks to be a carnival while the scene was captured with the fisheye lens effect. Continuing on, the two spend the day enjoying multiple car rides. Towards the end of the brief teaser, the title of the song is revealed as well as the release date.

The release date was uniquely revealed as it was shown as a barcode number that said “2015.03.30,” which revealed the release day to be March 30th.

Although this will be Pretty Brown’s official debut, the duo was already featured on a track with 1sagain and Molly D. titled, “My Friend.”

Pretty Brown is signed with Neuron Music along with Molly D., Xena, Jubora, 1sagain, and more.