Rookie duo Romance Tap to release digital single “Taps”

Pop band rookie duo Romance Tap will be releasing a digital single later today titled “Taps,” and will share their unique voices and song with music lovers.

Made up of composer Lee Jong Pil and vocalist Shin Jan Di, their music mostly consists of folk-based pop songs and bossa nova to create a sophisticated and warm sound.

The first song off their single “I’m Speaking” features the lyrics of a a woman’s inner thoughts and her cute confession despite her several failed attempts. It contains cute lyrics such as, “Why couldn’t you tell me before?” and “My heart feels like it will burst.”

“Road Already Passed” is the second track, and is a song that speaks of regret and longing, featuring a calming and rhythmic drum sound.

“Taps” will be released at noon on February 5th, and will proceed with various broadcasting activities to promote their new single.

Source: Sports World