Rookie girl group N*WHITE says “Hello Boy” in MV dance version

Rookie girl group N*WHITE has released the dance version of their debut music video and track, “Hello Boy,” on December 8th, two months sharing the original music video.

Sharing their innocent but cute charms, N*WHITE made a debut with “Hello Boy” on September 15th, a bright and cheery track that tells the story of a girl falling in love for the very first time.

In the dance version, the full choreography for the track can be viewed, using a long park bench as a prop before the girls of N*WHITE are joined by a flock of male dance partners.

N*WHITE, made up of members Soo Hyun, Ha Kyung, Soo Bin and Lina, consists of talented members who have the ability to compose, write, and produce, as well as sing and dance. Leader Soo Hyun is known to have partook in their debut mini-album as the lyricist.