Rookie group BIGFLO drops “Bad Mama Jama” MV + BTS

The rookie group BIGFLO has just released their second music video titled “Bad Mama Jama” from their album Second Flow on November 24th. After teasing fans with their official music video teaser for their song “Bad Mama Jama” on November 19th, the boys bring out the full version of their second title track.

The music video starts out with the boys looking cool, chilling on a wall with drinks as they watch a chic girl walk by. “So classy, so classy, oh bad mama jamma” is how the boys bring out the chorus with their tough yet silly dance. Rapper maknae High Top (Im Hyun Tae), seen dancing around with his hat, becomes a memorable part of the video.

Netizens have commented that the song is “so catchy!”, “it is adorably hilarious,” and “I’m obsessed with this song!”

In addition, the group released behind the scenes footage showing exclusive footage of how the music video was made. The members displayed their dedicated work ethic through various takes of the dance scenes. In between filming and reviewing their own progress so far, BIGFLO does not forget to charm viewers with their cute antics by striking fun poses.

Fans last got to see the boys with their last music video “Delilah” which showed a more intense and mature side of the boys.

Watch BIGFLO’s latest music video below: