Rookie group CLC charms fans with 1st episode, “CLC’s Love Chemistry”

With their debut date fast approaching, Cube Entertainment‘s newest girl group CLC released a cute video titled CLC’s Love Chemisty to introduce themselves to prospective fans.

The video, which runs for a little over 15 minutes, gives viewers an exclusive look at the upcoming group, showing off each member’s individual talents and charms. CLC’s Love Chemistry starts off by showcasing the members’ wide variety of different skills, ranging from instruments such as the bongo drum and the harmonica to fierce and energetic dancing abilities.

Although the group has not yet formally made their debut, the video also reminds viewers that the group has actually been active since 2014, having held multiple busking events with different artists all across Korea.

The video goes on to show several clips form said busking events, where the girls display their skills in singing, rapping, and playing instruments. In addition to displaying the talents of CLC, CLC’s Love Chemistry also gives viewers a chance to see the individual personalities and charms of the group members.

The five members of CLC have put in a lot of effort performing and training for their debut, and the group is definitely something to be keeping an eye on. CLC will make their debut with their first mini-album on March 19th. For now, make sure to check out CLC’s Love Chemistry below!