Rookie hip-hop duo 1PUNCH releases “Nightmare” intro video teaser

Upcoming rookie hip-hop duo 1PUNCH has released their intro teaser on January 19th as the days to their debut comes near. 

Co-produced between Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment, 1PUNCH has already been highly praised by Korean hip-hop legend Lee Hyun Do, further raising anticipation for the duo’s debut date. Their latest video teaser “Nightmare” gives eager fans a look at the artists, as well as a peak into their music.

With a 90s hip-hop sound, 1PUNCH can be heard repeating the words “nightmare.” Listeners may also be taken back to the sound of the former YG Entertainment hip-hop group 1TYM as they listen to the short teaser from the rookies.

1PUNCH will be releasing their debut album on January 23rd at midnight KST.