Rookie rapper Jah-U drops fresh MV for “Lucky Bastard”

Jah-U released a fresh and upbeat music video titled “Lucky Bastard” featuring Glam PY and Taj Mahal on December 9th.

Jah-U, although a rather new artist, is showing remarkable talent and effortless skill with his track and is sure to attract attention from hip-hop fans. Jah-U had previously featured in other tracks with the likes of Hoony Hoon, Day 1, and more.

Starting out with a Middle Eastern vibe, the introduction sets the tone for the uniqueness of his music video. Later on, Jah-U can be seen surrounded by two beautiful ladies while he raps. The song has a unique style that fits well with Jah-U’s hip-hop style and carefree rapping.

Check out the music video down below!