Rookie singer Shin Zisu releases first lyric video for “Looks Like EX”

Rookie singer Shin Zisu has released her first EP with a powerful lyric video for the track “Looks Like EX.”

On April 7th, Shin Zisu released a lyric video to her self produced song “Looks Like EX” through various music portals. Prior to her official debut album 20’S PARTY 1 release, this lyric video, produced by famous media artists, such as STEP UP, HOT POTATO 2‘s Irony, and more has garnered attention.

“Looks Like EX” has a powerful and emotional lyrics with a story of the girl expressing her emotions after seeing her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend.

According to her agency, LOEN Tree, “‘Looks Like EX’ is a bold hip-hop genre base mixed with urban style vocal, which accentuates Shin Zisu’s unique neo-soul vocal style. The song expresses the complicated emotions experienced right after a break up.”

In the meantime, check out her powerful lyric video below.

Source: Osen