Roy Kim sings “It’s Christmas Day” in new MV

As the Christmas festive season draws near, several K-pop groups have released their very own Christmas songs, from sad lonely ones to high and joyful ones. Music talent Roy Kim has also unveiled a music video for his self-composed song “It’s Christmas Day” on December 19th.

While singing to the easy-to-follow melody that is also soothing to the ears, Roy Kim elegantly plays on the piano and the guitar in the music video, showing his all-rounded music skills.

Roy Kim previously revealed his motive behind the release of this new single, while encouraging listeners to gather their courage to confess their love during this festive season. The track will be performed live for his fans on December 20th and 21st at his upcoming Christmas concert.

The singer also recently lent his voice to sing for the OST of ongoing SBS hit drama Pinocchio, as the song shares the same name as the drama.