Royal Pirates shares behind the scenes footage of T.Y. Party

On February 19th, Royal Pirates released the making-of and behind the scenes video of the T.Y. Party that they hosted in December.

The T.Y. party was mostly self-promoted by the Royal Pirates band members and the event itself was held at the KT&G Sangsangmadang Live Hall on December 16th.

The behind the scenes video reveals clips of Royal Pirates having practice sessions and sound check, as well as clips from the actual concert-party. In the short speaking portion of the video, James Lee shares with fans, “Right now I’m really hungry and you can see that this teacher is already eating. Haha. I am extremely grateful. I have done my best to prepare an awesome performance, so I want to eat a lot and use the energy to show everyone the best performance. Thank you guys so much!

There is also an unexpected clip of member Kim Soo Yoon tearing up as Kim Moon Chul, James Lee, and the crowd wishes him a happy birthday. The concert happened to be a day prior to the drummer’s birthday, and he was gifted with a cake and a bouquet of flowers by his fellow band members.

In more current news, Royal Pirates’s bassist, James Lee, will make an appearance on the next “K-Style” episode with MinIrene Kim, and Jokwon.