Rumors surface of f(x)’s Amber dating other girls

f(x)‘s Amber shares her opinions on rumors that say she is dating other girls during her interview on Arirang Radio‘s Music Access.

On February 18th, Amber made an appearance on Arirang Radio‘s Music Access. The DJ of the music show, NU’EST‘s Aron sat down with Amber for an interview in which she had the opportunity to share some stories about herself.

One of these stories included rumors that Amber was dating other girls. However, the singer says that the most surprising thing about hearing these rumors is that Amber is usually paired with girls more often than with guys.

While she doesn’t mind these rumors, Amber cannot help but feel that it makes it awkward for her friends whenever she is with them. For example, 4MINUTE‘s Hyuna was once rumored to be dating Amber. Even though it is an awkward feeling, Amber feels good about herself when she hears that she seems like the type to be a protective boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Amber has recently made her solo debut with “Shake That Brass.”

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