“Running Man” latest episode brings the Monday Couple to tears

The latest episode of Running Man tested the strength and patience of their members, but what couple be behind Gary and Song Ji Hyo’s tears? Spoilers ahead. 

On the May 29th episode of Running Man, the program continued with their 300th special episode where they tested the strength of the program’s favorite couple, Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

During the game, the couple was challenge to one of the program’s classic task where the the male participant lies on the floor and holds the female participant to the air with his feet. For the special episode, however, Gary and Song Ji Hyo have to compete with 300 students.

As the game progressed, it showed the struggle behind the challenge as more and more couples fail to complete the task. As the clocks ticked, however, Gary started to complain of leg pain while Ji Hyo could no longer hide the struggle from the task. Despite the aches, the couple persisted and continued the challenge with the remaining seven teams.

With Yoo Jae Suk signaling to declare the winners after completing twenty leg push-ups, Song Ji Hyo could not stop but cry after they finished the task, creating quite an emotional moment from the rest of the members and staff.

Source: Dispatch