“Running Man” releases additional footage from Lee Kwang Soo’s home

SBS has released a bonus clip with additional footage from Lee Kwang Soo’s home during a recent live broadcast conducted by Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin!

On the May 17th episode of Running Man, the cast crashed Lee Kwang Soo’s home without warning and hilarity ensued. Not only did Lee Kwang Soo get tricked, but he also had his adult videos exposed.

For the first time ever, the Running Man crew went to Lee Kwang Soo’s home for a live broadcast to catch his reaction upon finding out that he has been tricked. In the bonus clip released on May 22nd, Lee Kwang Soo can be seen with a surprised look on his face while trying to understand the situation. He was left shocked and speechless as he began to get a grasp of what happened.

Check out the bonus clip below!