“Running Man” team show their support for Girls’ Generation’s comeback on SNS

With the airing of Girls’ Generation‘s featured episode on Running Man, the members have shared recorded clips and photos they had taken during their experience.

On July 5th, Tiffany revealed three short videos of the Running Man cast starting with Gary waving at the camera happily as he listens into his phone before going on to Lee Kwang Soo who grins revealing his undying love for girls’ Generation, “I love So Nyeo Shi Dae!”

The next video is of Haha who simply says as he records something on his own phone, “So Nyeo Shi Dae…I love So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

Yoo Jae Suk is much more lengthy as he says, “It’s been awhile since Girls’ Generation has appeared, thank you. I hope you will accomplish these activities nicely. Girls’ Generation fighting!”

Source: Review Star