Ryeowook gets flustered when Lee Guk Joo asks, “When was the last time we did it?”

On a recent episode of YTN’s ENTER-K, comedian Lee Guk Joo left Ryeowook embarrassed and flustered as she asked him a series of funny questions.

Their conversation escalated quickly while the two were having a question and answer session with various fan-generated questions.

Ryeowook began, “When was your last relationship?“, to which she responded, “It’s been a while, two years ago.” He picked up the pace by asking, “When was your last kiss?“, and got her clever response, “Don’t you know? Why are you like this?

With the Super Junior member paused in confusion, she asked him, “When was the last time we did it?”. Left in an awkward moment, Ryeowook attempted to change the topic by responding, “We will skip this question and move on to the next one.” However, Lee Guk Joo could not be stopped as she delivered a final blow, “Was it in the staircase of K headquarters?“, before ending the act with, “He can’t act..he’s so nervous! People will really think we did it, never mind!

Check out the hilarious clip here: