SALTNPAPER releases MV for “Hats”

On November 25th, Korean-American musician SALTNPAPER officially released the full music video for his latest track “Hats.”

“Hats” has a soft rock beat to it and SALTNPAPER has a soothing voice that becomes powerful at just the right times. The music video focuses on a lot of closeups of SALTNPAPER as he emotionally sings in a white lit room.

SALTNPAPER previously went by the name MYK and is known as the honorary 4th member of Epik High. He released his debut album Lost in Translations back in 2010 and has collaborated with many prominent artists such as Tablo, Dok2 and Dumbfoundead. In April, he changed his stage name from MYK to SALTNPAPER and released a new self-titled album. He also held a concert titled Autumn in Hongdae last September 28th.

Check out SALTNPAPER’s “Hats” below!