[★SPOILER] Sam Hammington criticizes “Show Me The Money 4” for passing a certain idol

Australian-born comedian Sam Hammington, who is a famous TV personality in Korea, criticized Show Me The Money 4 on his Twitter,  stating that the judges were not being fair.

On July 3rd, Sam Hammington tweeted about the popular Mnet rap audition show with his tweets particularly aimed at Vernon from the Pledis Entertainment rookie male group SEVENTEEN.

He writes, “‘Show Me The Money 4,’ it’s unfair that Vernon passed… my mom could have done just as well.”

He goes on in another tweet, “Vernon passes [and] P-Type fails.. this is really unfair.”

The second episode of Show Me The Money 4 aired on July 3rd and featured P-Type taking the stage in front of the judge teams, who failed him after he forgot his lyrics. P-Type is well-known as CL of 2NE1‘s rap mentor.

On the other hand, Vernon was found to be off-beat during his stage but completed his performance nevertheless with three out of the four teams failing him. However, because the Verbal Jint and San  team deciding not to press the fail button, Vernon managed to barely pass.