San E and 15&’s Yerin are a sweet couple for “Me You”

On April 23rd, San E and 15&’s Yerin dropped the sweet music video for their collaboration track “Me You.”

The music video is filmed in a cute Instagram style, taking the shape of a square rather than the usual YouTube rectangle. To start the love story, San E gets inflated like a balloon, imitating the light and floating feeling of being in love.

The continued motifs of colored balloons adds to the comedic and light-hearted feeling of the music video as San E spends most of his time levitating near the ceiling. Yerin’s soothing vocals suit San E’s quirky rap as balloons bring viewers through a scrolling Instagram feed.

Although this track is quite different from San E’s other songs on this album such as “#LuvUHater” and “On Top of Your Feet” featuring GREE, fans have already expressed how much they like this refreshing springtime track.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf was also released on April 23rd.

Take a look here: