San E collaborates with rappers around the world in “#HIPHOPISHIPHOP” MV

“Shout out to all MCs around the world!” 14 rappers from all around the world formed have joined forces to release an all-star charity single, led by none other than South Korean rapper San E!

The group of artists are known as Hip Hop for the World and includes KRS-One (U.S), SadmAnn (Bangladesh), Frenkie (Bosnia), Deeb (Egypt), Redrama (Finland),  Adx (India), Yacko (Indonesia), Strike the Head (Italy), Julian Nagano (Japan), San E (Korea), Valete (Portugal), Pendekar (Singapore), Mr. Skin (Taiwan), and Mr Phormula (Wales).

The collective recorded the song “#HIPHOPISHIPHOP” with each rapper rapping in their respective language, expressing their culture and unique rapping techniques and abilities, not only pushing the boundaries of race and culture, but also turning hip hop into an international movement.

The inspiration came from the all-time classic “We Are the World.”

In an interview will Billboard, San E states, “#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is my high school dream. As an immigrant, if I let my friends listen to Korean hip-hop music, they’d be like, ‘They can rap in Korean?’ I always wanted to let everybody know hip-hop is worldwide; it can be rap in all different languages you never heard. It took a while to make it really happen, but now here it is.”

All proceeds of this release will be donated to children’s education via UNICEF. This is the third release of an all-star charity single, the first and second being released back in 1985 and 2010. Many other famous rappers, such as  DJ Premier, Rook of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and DJ Don Cannon have also given their support in this campaign.

Source: Billboard