San E shocks fans with his yoga flexibility on “Naked 4show”

On April 14th, Mnet’s 4 Thing Show teased for San E’s upcoming appearance with a “Naked 4show” clip of the rapper doing yoga in the X room.

Known for his cheerful personality and witty lyrics, the artist has taken this opportunity to show fans yet another side of himself that many may not have seen before.

While left alone in the show’s so called X room, San E suddenly stands up and narrates his decision to take a yoga break. The artist declares it may be a feminine practice while preparing for the poses properly, positioning a blue mat and removing his shoes and socks.

Although he stumbles while performing a half moon pose, his relaxing breathing and continuous stretching leaves fans in laugher before he moves on to more difficult poses. Showcasing his flexibility, he lies on his back and stretches his feet above his head, even raising his legs into the sky in an adorable gesture.

Check out his moves here: