SBENU takes fans behind-the-scenes in making of AOA’s CF

SBENU, one of Korea’s shoe brands, released behind-the-scene cuts and CF making footage featuring popular girl group AOA.

In the short film, the girls imbue lively pastel colors while posing adorably with SBENU’s new line. Although AOA is known for their unfathomably sexy charms, this time the girls showcased a cute look instead. At the end of the film, AOA does not forget to give a short video message regarding the photoshoot.

The girls pointed out that photoshoot in the bathtub was most memorable because they expected it to be a sexy concept, but rather, they had to hold candy pops and it was very sweet and cute overall. Choa mentioned, “The photoshoot required various concept. Although it is the same shoe, it gives a different vibe. It was a fun photoshoot.” 

AOA has been one of the girl groups on the leaderboard, as members not only actively promote as a group but also are busy individually. Group leader Jimin has been garnering much attention through her starring in Mnet‘s hip-hop survival show Unpretty Rapstar. Seolhyun has starred in the big screen alongside Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won for Gangnam 1970 and variety show Brave Family. Choa has garnered attention for her humorous talents in variety shows as well.

Just recently, SBENU released a CF with the nation’s little sister IU and actor Song Jae Rim for the new line of shoes “Candy” in February.

In the mean time, take a look at the girls CF making film with SBENU’s new collection for the spring.